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07 February 2008

Something I Wrote Once

Words are bullshit. Words are bullshit because they make us think we know the answer. When we say them, we think we know what we feel because we put it into words. When I write them (I'm writing some right now), it makes me feel I can articulate myself, express how I feel. But I can't. The image presented by words is always a fake one, even when the words are best-intended.

This is Zen, as much as I understand Zen.

And yet, words are all we have


A possibly relevant quote from Albert Camus I just found by accident.

"Do not be surprised. I do not like writers and I cannot stand their lies. They speak so as not to listen to themselves speak. If they did listen, they would know that they are nothing and then they would no longer be able to speak."

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