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29 February 2008

Blackout Restaurant & Dialog in the Dark

I encourage you to read Eli's review of the new Blackout restaurant in old Jaffa (יפו) - it's a restaurant with absolutely no light - it's absolutely dark and you can't see anything, similar to Dialog in the Dark in Holon's Children Museum. I didn't visit Blackout (at 140 NIS per person it's quite expensive for my taste), but it sounds like a cool experience. The tour in Dialog in the Dark also contains a "restaurant" with only drinks and snacks, but it was still a great experience. You pay with coins and are amazed how the blind bartender figures out how much you've payed.


Eli Bendersky said...

Too expensive ?
You're an internet start-up yappie from Herzlia now, and it's too expensive :-P ?

ripper234 said...

I ain't one yet, and still, I usually prefer simple, decent food in large enough servings - I don't think I'm a Gourmet type guy.