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05 October 2007

Lorwyn Prerelease

Any of you that don't care about Magic: The Gathering can skip on to the next post.

Last weekend I was at my first pre-release in 3 years. I played a solid faeries deck with 3 copies Boggart Sprite-Chaser, which was always , for me, a 2/3 flying creature for 2 mana.

Unfortunately my deck had no bombs, except Wort, Boggart Auntie, which was almost always killed the turn I played it :(

I went 3-0 for my first 3 games, and even managed to kill an incarnation and win. Then I got kicked in the face with the broken Cloudthresher which demolished my army of faries and proceeded to terminate me.

That's what I hate about limited - bombs other people get :)

After another loss (at 3-2) I left the game in favor of a draft. I figured I had no chance to win something at the main event. I was wrong. It turns out places 9-16 were filled with people with four victories, so I could definitely have won 1-5 boosters. I ended up winning two boosters in the draft though, which was nice.

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