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10 August 2007

Cool Computer Science Stuff!

First, the simpler one. A really cool algorithm that finds holes of any shape in a given image, and "patches" them from an exiting bank of other images. This might be similar technology to Photosynth.

Second, a historical moment for Computer Science. It appears the first NP-Complete problem has been solved in polynomial time. They use some sort of "optical solution" and not a Turing machine, and the number of photons used is proportional to N^N. I don't know if this will have deep theoretical implecations (haven't read the article yet), but it's interesting (to C.S geeks).


Aya said...

The Image thing isn't new. a couple of weeks ago we were looking at a 3D application of it.

ripper234 said...

I believe you are referring to Photosynth. Yes, it's very similar, although in 3D. I don't know which application is better for simple 2D photo completion.